January 11, 2010

Security B-Sides is a community that grew out of the chaordic idea of expanding the spectrum of conversation beyond the limitations of time and space traditionally applied to conferences or events.  In the historical sense it took large amounts of time, money and planning to host an event where speakers would present to an audience.

Alternatives such as online conferences have sprung up, but these do not provide the interaction that I feel is necessary to really know the people around you.  Sure we can twitter all day about our lives but until we meet in person an match a human to the avatar we are nothing but a series of bits and bytes.

The goal of each event is to connect smart people with great ideas, identify the Next Big Thing, and enable the participants to create their own event.  We are lowering the barrier to entry for individuals like you and me to create, host, and sponsor events that connect smart people on a scale only limited by the imagination.

Go forth and build.

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