May 4, 2009


Mr. Dahn is a globally recognized information security professional and PCI expert. He founded the Society of Payment Security Professionals and Secure Payments Magazine, which created the Certified Payment-Card Industry Security Manager/Auditor (CPISM/A) certification. Mr. Dahn has performed hundreds of PCI security assessments for merchants, service providers, acquirers, and payment application vendors. He works with Visa and MasterCard on the continued development of the PCI DSS and PA-DSS standards. He has trained thousands of PCI qualified security assessors (QSA) merchants, acquirers, and payment application vendors globally. He created and performed the first PABP assessment, which resulted in the PA-DSS industry standard. Prior to this work he led the internal rollout of the Discover Information Security Compliance (DISC) program for Discover Network.

Mr. Dahn has given numerous speaking engagements for a variety of security and commercial associations such as the FDIC and NCUA, RSA, SOURCEBoston, Canadian Financial Institutions CERT, American Petroleum Institute, Treasury Institute for Higher Education, ShmooCon, and Security B-Sides.

Mr. Dahn holds the CISSP certification, membership in the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), is a former Board of Director for the National InfraGard Members Alliance, and has a Masters in Information Assurance and a BS in Computer Science.

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  2. Mary Dahn says:

    Hi Michael,
    When you look at the world and the university, how can you not see “intelligent design”. Who is the Intelligent Designer? It is God. How can anyone miss it? All the beauty you see reflects a beautiful mind…God’s. Talk to Him. As a little child, in awe and in wonder, talk to God. Tell him you love his workmanship. Tell him you want to know him better. Draw close to God and he will draw close to you.

  3. Christopher-robin Anderl says:

    Hi Dahn, I am a 18 years old and have read your blogg many times and i somehow see some connection to my real life and how that information published feels ancient and forgotten among our generation. Tho it’s true what you write about, i sense it comes from your own heart and experience. My own heart is still young and have much too learn, i read allot and come to your website from time to time in need of inspiration and encouragement. Thanks allot for writing this blogg for without it i would surely not have chosen this path of enlightment.

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