A few days ago I posted a message to Facebook:

Learning & living to follow my passion, ignore the rest, and happiness will follow.

I know so many people who believe they will be happy when they get more money/status/recognition.  Happiness comes from the in-between, not the end goal.  You need to be happy doing what you believe in and to do that you need to follow your passion.

I’ve recently encountered some major changes in my life, and with these changes I’m trying to live by a new set of revised rules.  So I’ve collected for you a two examples of people following their passion and getting so much more.

Jack Dorsey founding Twitter

This video is not only a great story but an example of how following your passion can lead to great success – when you pursue it greatly. Jack, co-founder of Twitter, tells his story about growing up in St. Louis and his passion for maps.  This passion for maps lead to him later working for the largest dispatch software company in the US, wherein he found great pleasure in mapping out the status updates of police and emergency vehicles.  This passion for dispatch, maps, and status updates later lead to him co-founding Twitter.  A similar passion lead to him co-founding Square.

Most people think that great companies are formed by people sitting around thinking how they will take over the world with computers, but the reality is that they are formed by people following their passion.

Jack leaves us with the quote by Lynda Barry, “Expect the unexpected. And whenever possible BE the unexpected.”

LCD Soundsystem Gets Big

I’m a big fan of both music and The Economist so when I saw this article it struck a chord. It turns out LCD Soundsystem has a great story.

After three critically acclaimed albums and a decade on the road, James Murphy and his electro-rock band have decided to call it quits. Last night was the second of four warm-up shows for what they’ve promised is their grand finale: a headlining gig at New York’s Madison Square Garden

James Murphy wasn’t always the renowned rocker he is today.  In fact years ago his life almost made a big change.  At age 22, Murphy was offered a job writing for the sitcom Seinfeld which was then little-known. He did not expect the show to be successful and chose to continue with music instead. He struggled for years as an artist as his friends ate at nicer-and-nicer restaurants and moved up the socio-economic ladder.

At an age on the cusp of no longer being able to make it as a rocker, he formed LCD Soundsystem and released the first big hit Losing My Edge, which brought him international acclaim.  He goes out on top playing at Madison Square Garden to a stadium of fans sad to see it end.

Following your passion is not always easy and does not always bring you great ending success, but I can promise you two things:

  1. Following your passion will keep you happy along the way
  2. Following your passion-passionately will increase your likelihood of achieving success


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