As you might know, I love Security B-Sides.  One of the many benefits of participating in BSides has been the fact that, not only is it a free event, but it raises money for charities – primarily the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).  The short story is that the EFF defends the digital rights of those who could not otherwise.  They are the ACLU of the digital frontier.  I respect their work greatly and feel safe knowing that they will be there for me one day if the need arises.

Individually, I only donate so much but by leveraging a platform on individuals we can do so much more.  That is what I love about communities.  You can accomplish more than any one individual, and (properly driven) chaordic communities can do (measurably) more than any structured group.

In addition to money raised from the BSides events, there are speaking events that I do for which I’m precluded from monetary compensation by my employer.  No worries, I just ask that they donate the money to the EFF.  Win!

Here’s a short accounting of the monies I’ve helped raise for the EFF.

  • Security B-Sides SanFrancisco 2010 ($1,000)
  • Security B-Sides LasVegas 2010 ($2,893)
  • Unnamed speaking event ($250)
  • Unnamed speaking event ($1,000)
  • PCI #HugItOut with @JoshCorman @McKeay @RealGeneKim ($1,000) and matching funds for Hackers for Charity ($1,000)

Folks, we are getting close to raising $6,143 for the EFF in one year.  Considering the average donation might be $100/year this is over 61 years worth of donations.  (Ok, so the math is strange, but it’s my math.)

In addition to this, Security B-Sides have a semi-strategic relationship to cross support each other.  We will help individuals help raise money for the EFF at their BSides event (if they wish) and the EFF will help promote and publicize events that do so.  Win-win.