Contemplation, originally uploaded by The Inadvertent Gardener.

Overcast Bay Bridge, originally uploaded by SFview.

Another great night with the Friday Night Drinking and Shooting (FNDS) photo team. This time Mik lead the team over to Oakland for some shooting around the 19th Street BART stop, inside some of the art bars, the Paramount theatre, and the very amazing Cathedral of Christ the Light.

I really love the team and friends I’ve made through this group. In all honesty it’s mostly because they like me as well. Eric gives the best hugs, Nick is so sincere, Mik is always fashion equipped, Bob has this allure about him, and Genie is so open about herself I want to listen to all her stories, and Dusty is always good for a high-five. All great people with smiles who I liked to call the “light chasers” as they are always looking for the best lighting to highlight their subject.