Yesterday our friend Julie Michell, of CALIBER and ilivehere::sf, had her photos at Secession, a gallery/store event in the Mission.  We went and met a number of great people, one of which is the on-the-spot poet Silvi Alcivar.  She runs a portable business called The Poetry Store where she will create you a poem based on a seed thought/word/idea from you.

She has a cute, red ROYAL typewriter that she types them out on and some great little accessories to put your poem in, ranging from message-in-a-bottle to picture frames.  I chatted with her a while and it turns out not only does she pop up at events around town but also does weddings.  She is forward thinking enough to keep a carbon (literally) copy of the poem in the hopes of eventually publishing a book of them in the future.

Since I’ve been watching the drama-turn-soap-opera Dexter lately, I asked her to write me a poem about secret serial killers.  The following is what she created.

in the night
for mike

secret serial killers come out
with the stars, catching glimpses
of the moon on their knives. with
more stealth than cheetahs
they pierce the necks of their
prey, a tiny imperceptible bite.


The best part of all is the nice, happy Little Rabbit paper, which looks strangely like Hello Kitty, that it’s typed on.