I cannot deny the fact that 2009 was less than optimal, which I hear is Fedspeak for “oh yeah, it sucked but we got through it.”  In fact, more than getting through it we have found a rebirth and I’d like to share a few of those with you.

  1. New Blog. That’s right, I have a new blog wherein I write mostly personal information peppered with thoughts on the professional world around me.  My favorite sections are those no the topics of becoming fearless, becoming immortal, and the ever popular sexy geeks post.
  2. Security B-Sides. In 2009 we completed two BSides events: BSidesLasVegas and BSidesBay.  We are starting 2010 with plans for 4+ BSides events: BSidesSanFrancisco, BSidesBoston, BSidesLasVegas, and BSidesAustin.  This is just January.  There are many more plans ahead. BSides is brought to you by the hard working people who make it happen.
  3. New Job. I’ve taken a job that, for the first time, I can do from just about anywhere – not just in the US but anywhere around the globe.  That being the case, I am considering taking a page from the 4 Hour Workweek and taking this show on the road.  This year I have a rather lofty goal of ditching the home and living/working 1 month abroad in a country where the cost of living is less than San Francisco, which should not be too hard to find.
  4. New Column. I found out today that I’ll be writing a new column for a yet-unnamed magazine.  I need to prepare an editorial calendar and much more.  This is really a small part of a longer term goal of mine which is to write several books.  I have stalled at this in the past but plan on using this new opportunity to spur my ideas.
  5. New Conferences. I’m lucky/good enough to know some really amazing people.  This past year brought me to speak at ITWeb Security Summit in South Africa wherein those fun Sensepost guys enabled Hackers on Safari.  I want this year to be another of new events, places, and people.  For the first time I’ll be presenting/attending ShmooCon 2010 and hope to add many others to this list shortly.  (I hope to meet Heidi Potter and appreciate the 0wn the c0n talk.)  Stay tuned here and on twitter.
  6. New Webmaster. I’ve taken the role of “webmaster” for the people I camp with (Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro) at Burning Man.  I uploaded 10 years of photos to Flickr and got the blog going at barbiedeathcamp.com.
  7. New Laptop? Ok, I’m getting small here, but I have been pining over a MacBook Pro for quite some time.  The purchase was not in the stars for 2009 but I’m hoping this year will bring new possibilities. I actually don’t want one of the new Apple Tablet or netbook.  Call me old fashion but I just want a sleek, unibody laptop.

So let’s take a deep breath.  Take one last look back.  And plow ahead into the new year that lies before us.

Good luck and good night.