(Re-post of an item on January 2007)

I like the word juxtaposition, not just because it sounds nice, but also because it compares two extremes side-by-side. Life is chaotic enough that many times the shades of grey are too intense to see through the fog of events. When you juxtapose two items you increase the contrast to better see them individually. It is the difference that makes their existence so crisp.

If you know me, then you know I love to use analogies — for better or for worse. But I do this because it provides a vessel for translating concepts into high contrast conceptual forms and ideas.

Most areas of knowledge elude the majority of the population, for a variety of reasons.  We are accustom to reading summary reports and hearing processed news reports with only a few seconds of the actual event.  Our ability to navigate the world and our experiences in rooted in our ability to process large amounts of data while only focusing on a small number of items at once.  While driving down the road you see many things but your eyes and mind will only focus on a handful of them.

The less contrast in life the more things begin to string together.  As we get more stressed the contrast between the important tasks and the unimportant ones becomes blurred. We loose focus because there is nothing to focus on.  This is why I say to, “Increase the Contrast”, because that is what it takes to really see life and maximize your ability to experience it fully.