A little less about work and more about personal life.  This past Halloween I went on a photo walk with the CaliberSF team.  The introduction came from Chipmonkey via TangoBabySF (aka. Miss Julie).

Personally, I don’t care for costumes and would rather wear something comfortable, and maybe ‘smart’, than dress up.  At the last minute I pulled out a Mickey Mouse hat from a prior client engagement and a tunic I got in Abuja.  Suddenly I was Mickey Mouse from his star role in Fantasia, though everyone who passed me whispered “oh, a wizard.”  I suppose this is partially true, as Mickey did take on the wizard’s hat and become him for a short while.

You can check out everyone’s photos from the event on flickr or you can check out my personal photos from the event.

Alternatively, you can check out Julie’s photo blog and read up on the event.

I really enjoyed hanging out with the CaliberSF team and meeting lots of new people.

For the event I was shooting with the Nikon D300 which is a really nice camera.  I only recently learned how to do the basics but having those multiple focus points and the ability to manually adjust the ISO, f-stop, and other light gibbery-jab was lots of fun.

I even liked it when the photos came out over exposed like this one of Julie.

Although, one of my favorite sightings of the day was this mural by “Eddie”.  It’s located in Hayes Valley down the same alley as Blue Bottle coffee shop.  I snapped it with my iPhone camera so I could upload it immediately.  It’s the kind of stuff that reminds me of other paste-up artists like Bansky.